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The Floret Stitch (How to Crochet)

  Hello my friends! Welcome to my How To Crochet tutorial on the floret stitch!  I thought this would be an appropriate choice for the first week of April, and to make things even better, it's a super easy stitch to do. All you really need to know (beyond the basics of chaining, etc.) is… Continue reading The Floret Stitch (How to Crochet)

How to Crochet

Mini how-to video on slip stitch

Hi Friends! We're not quite up-and-running with the formal(ish) tutorial videos with sound and title cards and things, but I thought maybe roughly one-minute-or-less videos might be helpful to demonstrate some of the concepts I've done written tutorials. With that in mind, here is my super-fast video on slip stitch. This video isn't meant to… Continue reading Mini how-to video on slip stitch