Further in pretty spring clothing: a beginner’s kerchief top!

My latest spring project (and free pattern recommendation) is the Kanata Kerchief Tank pattern, by Jennifer Ozses, free on Ravelry.

It’s a simple pattern constructed of four granny squares and two straps, and it’s definitely beginner-level (despite how complex it looks). Mine used two skeins of Lion Brand’s Shawl in a Ball, and I really like the airy feel and light sparkle in it.  I might use a sturdier yarn for my next one to see how it affects the drape, but this one is richly colourful and will be perfect for late spring/early summer.

My version (in not the most flattering photos of me every taken) is below. It’s a L/XL according to pattern, on my size 14 – 16 frame. It’s definitely a top that requires a tank top or similar underneath, I suppose unless you’re using a fine yarn and itty-bitty stitches (possible – this pattern is stitch-to-measure rather than gauge-based) or have a much more risque fashion sense than I (and if so? More power to you!).




I believe this took me about 12 hours of work, give-or-take a few either way (I’m terrible at remembering to turn off my timer!  Or, frequently, to turn it on), and it would definitely be suitable for a beginner (or a more advanced crocheter who wants to while away the hours watching the new Dracula and stitching). The instructions were easy-to-understand, and included a chart, which is always handy.

This is another one I’ll definitely be making more of.

Hope you’re all happy, healthy, and safe out there,


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