Pattern of the week, Recommended

A quick, easy weekend project: The Savy Shrug by Crochet It Creations

I’m feeling a hankering for spring. A serious, serious hankering for spring. Rather than take an airplane somewhere warm, tempting though that be, I decided to get a start on my spring wardrobe instead!

This Savy Shrug by Crochet It Creations was relatively quick (It was done inside a weekend), definitely beginner-level easy, and I’m definitely looking forward to wearing it with a nice light spring dress in the warm sunlight.  I did mine up in cotton, because I can’t get enough cotton (really, can anyone?), but this feels very much like the sort of pattern that will work with whatever yarn type you happen to have on hand, so long as it’s in the 3 – 4 range.


When I do up my next one (and there will be another one, if not more), I might add a couple extra rows per side to help contain my, um, abundance, and I’d recommend that off-the-top as an alteration for other chesty women as well, incidentally. That’s just my body, though; it fits very true-to-size compared with other shrugs I own.

For fitting reference: model (me) is 5’10 and wears a size 16. Shrug is constructed in a size XL.

And yes, those are toilet paper rolls on the half-wall behind me. We’re classy around here.

What are you working on in preparation for spring?

Be happy, healthy, and safe!


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