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New Year, New Crochet!

Hello Friends 🙂

I’ve been doing a lot more crochet than I have been doing of writing about crochet (one goal for 2020, get back on the blogging wagon!), but I wanted to show off a few of the things I’ve made and provide links to the patterns, in case anyone’s interest is peaked. That, and I’m a show off 🙂


These lovelies were made for my sister in law and her family. One for each adult, one for each child, and one for each pet. They worked up quickly and easily, and are based on this pattern here.

The biggest project I did this year was The Crochet Crowd‘s Study of the Planet Earth.  I really love this pattern, the textures are just so delicious to dig into. Below are a full pattern for a dear friend, an altered pattern as a small area rug/lapghan (with tassels!) for my mother in law, and the new one I’m starting for myself. The new one is to be done using scrap (of which I presently have a’plenty!  It’s a great problem to have, let it be said) and in the actual colours of the planet earth. The smallest photo below, the black center is the earth’s solid inner core and the red and orange represent the molten rock of the liquid outer core. Much more to come on that latter project, of course!


And, finally, one of my favourite parts of being a crocheter/fabric artist/hooker?  When a friend needs a hat and cowl (the cowl I sort of made up as I went along), and you can whip them up in a single day:


Learning crochet is sort of a gift to yourself that keeps on giving, you know?  I’ll never stop being happy that I decided to learn in the first place.

That’s all for now, with more to come. Stay happy, healthy, and safe, my friends


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