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How to Crochet: the slipknot (Maddy’s Mini tutorial)



Hello! Welcome to my slipknot tutorial! This is the first in the Maddy’s Mini Tutorial series. Each tutorial is a little tidbit of crochet knowledge for tiny, specific things to help you focus on your weak points. If you’re wanting longer tutorials encompassing more of the process, you can find my rudimentary tutorials under “How to Crochet” in the Topics menu.

The slipknot is the very first thing you need to learn in order to crochet. This will make a knot of adjustable size, to be looped over your hook before you chain your foundation chain. Happily, it’s a very easy thing to do.

Here’s a mini video of me making a slipknot. I suggest watching it first, before reading the instructions below. Seeing it done in real time should help you understand how it works:


Our first step is to make a small-ish loop near the end of your yarn, like so:


and draw one end of the yarn underneath the loop:


Next pick up the middle piece from the center of the circle in your fingers, and pull that middle piece up and through the center of the circle, like so:


And tighten the ‘circle’ part using the two end strands, leaving you with a perfect slipknot:


TA DA!  Well done! You’ve made a small, lovely slipknot, ready to go on your crochet hook. I hope you’ll join me for the next tutorial, on how to make a chain, which will be posted next Monday.

If you have any feedback on this tutorial, questions or comments or you just need a hand, please feel free to drop me an email (, or to comment here or on FB. I’m genuinely happy to help!

If you appreciate my efforts and have a dollar to spare each month (no judgement if money is tight or crochet tutorials aren’t your priority; my efforts will always be free), please consider supporting my Patreon. Anything is appreciated and every bit helps.

I hope you’re all happy, healthy, and safe!


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