Pattern of the week

Pattern of the Week: tiny little bird!

I thought I’d end the month with one final little spring pattern: a cute little bird amigurumi!  The original pattern is the Mini Cockatiel Amigurumi, which is what I’d originally started to make, but then Bear (the recipient of said tiny little bird) decided that it needed to be grey, and it needed to have blue wings, and he didn’t want it to have a “funny head fin”, and of course my baby gets what he wants!


I found the pattern to be incredibly easy to follow, very quick, and quite a lot of fun! I’m sure if you follow the colour scheme and add the cheeks and the “head fin” you’ll wind up with a beautiful little cockatiel. And, as Bear and I have discovered, if you don’t, you still wind up with an adorable little bird!  It’s a very adaptable pattern 🙂


I hope you give the pattern a chance and tell me how it goes!  I had a lot of fun with it, and my son loves his new little bird.

Be happy, healthy, and safe!


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