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What I’m working on: a pseudo-meditation pillow!

I call this a “pseudo” yoga pillow because a proper meditation pillow (also called a yoga pillow) should be filled with buckwheat, and (aside from not having several pounds of buckwheat just sitting around) the stitches are a fairly loose and made with a very chunky yarn (which I bought before I thought of this), so the buckwheat probably wouldn’t stay inside for very long.


That said, it’s going packed pretty tightly with fiber fill, so it should still be reasonably firm, and I am actually going to be using it to meditate, so it’s still a meditation pillow of sorts 🙂

This pillow is based on this awesome dog bed pattern, and is virtually identical aside from me adding side walls for added height. So far, I totally approve of this pattern both for ease of crochet and clarity.

I’ll report back with a fully finished yoga pillow in a short while 🙂

What are you working on this week?

Be happy, healthy, and safe!


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