Pattern of the week

Pattern of the week: flowers!

Hi Friends!

This week’s pattern of the week is actually several patterns. I was in the mood for a new spring-themed wreath for the front door, so I grabbed a styrofoam wreathform (I’m afraid that I’m the sort who does indeed have that sort of thing sitting around so I can’t remember where it came from exactly, though it definitely would have been a dollar store of some form), wrapped it in some yarn, and crocheted up some flowers and leaves to stick on it:


Cute, no?

The flower patterns I used are listed/linked below, and each of them was super easy to follow and fairly quick to work up:

Daisies (both large and small from same designer)

Easy Puff stitch flowers

5 minute flower

The leaves are all the same pattern, I just used different sizes of hook for some slight variation. Super easy leaf super cute pattern can be found here.

And that’s all she wrote!

Be happy, healthy, and safe!



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