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How to do the Crunchy Stitch!


Welcome to my tutorial for the crunchy stitch! We’ve had a couple of weeks of two-row stitch patterns, so I thought we could go back to basics this week and do a simple two-stitch repeated pattern.

To do this stitch, you’ll need to know how to do a slip stitch and a half-double crochet, and you’ll need to chain an even number of stitches in your chain row (or alternate starting each row with an hdc and sl st, should you require an odd-numbered chain row for some reason). You can start the pattern directly into your chain row, as well, no need to do a different stitch or pattern for the foundation row.

As ever, here’s this week’s Maddy’s Mini to demonstrate the stitch and to give you an idea of what to expect:


And now, the written bit!

Start each row by chaining two (this takes the place of an hdc):


In the next stitch (which will have been an hdc in the row below, if this isn’t your chain row) do a slip stitch:


And in the next stitch, a half-double crochet:


And that’s it! Just those two stitches. Congrats on your first successful crunchy stitch pattern!

When you do reach the end of the row (which should end on a slip stitch), don’t forget to do a ch-2 in order to take the place of the first hdc of the next row. I’ve learned the hard way that you wind up with some pretty wonky sides if you neglect the ch-2 🙂

Please support my patreon if you’re in a position to do so, please drop me a note if you need a hand, if something is unclear, or if you just want to say hi, and be happy, healthy, and safe this week! Up next week: the angel stitch!


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