Maddy Talks

Introducing Maddy Talks (About Whatever She Wants On Fridays)

Hey friends!

I’ve decided since it’s my blog and I’m a brat, I get to talk about whatever I want, and Fridays seem as good a day as any to do that (I’m using a regular day so that if you’re the sort who really wants to hear my innermost thoughts, you know when to expect them; if you’re just here for the crochet, you know which day to avoid the site), so welcome to me just kind of talking!

All I’m really talking about this week is a quick announcement, which isn’t entirely the spirit of Maddy Talks, but meh. It’s as good a time as any.

I’m selling crochet!

I mean, I may or may not set up an etsy store and do the professional handicrafter thing eventually (though my focus is and will remain teaching and community for crocheters), but if you see something on here and want one, but don’t actually want to crochet it (or don’t have time, or just want to support the effort)?  Send me a note, and we’ll talk. In general, my fee will be the cost of the yarn, a couple bucks/hour for the work, and shipping (any method you like).

I’m doing this mostly to support the blog. As I’ve mentioned, teaching crochet via blog isn’t exactly a nefarious plan to get rich quick (or at all) on my part, but I’d be very happy to at least cover website fees, and a bit for yarn and supplies would be pretty awesome.

I’m not going to stop teaching this if it’s not making money, btw. This is very important to me. But it would still be pretty cool.

So, that’s it. Drop me a comment/email/FB if you want to purchase finished items (or if you just want to say hi, I’m happy for that too!), feel free to support my Patreon if the mood strikes you, and if neither of those are things you can do, that’s cool too. I still think you’re pretty awesome.

Also, check it out!  I have little baby chives poking up through the ground!


Be happy, healthy, and safe!


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