Pattern of the week

Pattern of the Week: Cute little carrot treat bag!

This month I’m going to be featuring spring-themed patterns all month long (have I mentioned how much I love spring?) for my patterns of the week: little bunnies, eggs, more little bunnies, you get the idea.

This week’s featured pattern isn’t a bunny, but your own little bunny will probably love it (mine does!). It’s a sweet little Carrot Treat Pouch designed by Maria over at Pattern Paradise (an apt name for the website, by the way; she’s really good!).

Mine, pictured below, worked up in 45 minutes or so, including numerous breaks to sip at a cup of chai:


The only things you really need to know for this are magic ring, single crochet, slip stitch, and chain. The littlest Bunny in this house loves it! And if treat bags aren’t your thing, you could easily stuff it with fiber fill and sew it shut rather than use a drawstring at the top!

Do you have any favourite springy/Easter patterns that you’d recommend?

Be happy, healthy, and safe friends!




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