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How to Bobble Stitch (How to Crochet)


The bobble stitch is one of my favourite stitches. It uses quite a lot of yarn, but it’s fun to do, it looks really neat, and it makes for great texture in things like dishcloths, a good thick surface for things like trivets and pot holders. And did I mention that it looks really neat? Because it looks really neat.

Also, my young son calls it the “bubble stitch” because they look like bubbles to him, and it’s adorable.

Enough bobble stitch love, on with the tutorial!

A couple of points on the bobble stitch before we get started:

  • there are different sizes of bobble, which use a different number of double crochet stitches. This tutorial demonstrates the 3 DC bobble using a 5mm hook and 4-weight yarn, which is my preference for things like dishcloths and potholders. If I’m making a blanket or bathmat using bobbles, I’m more likely to use a 5 DC bobble using a 7 mm hook for bigger, more solid bobbles.
  • the bobble will pop out the back of the side you’re working on, so bobbles should be worked on the wrong side (usually designated as WS in patterns)
  • every second row will be in a flat stitch (I use single crochet) to keep the bobbles nice and defined
  • the bobble takes up two stitches: one for the bobble itself, and the next stitch to close the bobble. Keep this in mind when you plan your pattern (eg, if you want 5 bobbles, you’ll need to chain at least 10)

Here’s how it works:

Start with your crochet ‘wrong side’ (ie, not the side you want the bobbles on) facing you:


Yarn over and insert the hook in the stitch you’re working:


Yarn over again and pull though, as in the first half of a standard double crochet stitch. Yarn over again:


Instead of pulling through and completing that DC, insert the hook again IN THE SAME STITCH as the first time, and complete another first half of a double crochet:


And one more time. You should have four loops on your hook, and three half-finished double crochets in the stitch you’re working. Yarn over:


And pull through, finishing all those double crochets at once:


Insert your hook into the next stitch:


And pull through. Complete a Single Crochet (ie, yarn over and pull through) to finish your bobble, which will have formed on the other side of your crochet:


I realized there’s a lot of half-finished stitches in there and I imagine that’s probably a little confusing in written form, so here’s a video of me demonstrating the stitch which I hope will clear up any confusion:

That’s it! There’s your bobble stitch. Do you have any questions? Feedback? Stuck on something?  Please leave me a comment, email me at, or send me a message on facebook! I’m always happy to help.

Next week: the floret stitch!

In the meantime, be happy, healthy, and safe!


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