Pattern of the week

Pattern of the Week: Belted Napa Cardigan

I’ve featured this pattern a couple of times in my “what I’m working on” posts, but it’s finally done and I’m so happy with it!  And “it” is the Comfortable Napa Belted Jacket, and I love it SO much.

I did mine in Caron Simply Soft, and in colours that suit me FAR better than the beiges and pastels suggested in the pattern (I love light, soft colours… and every single one of them makes me look AWFUL. Sigh. Anyway…), and I’m so happy with the finished product.

Here’s me, looking super cute and okay a bit sleepy, and with a hot pack on my shoulder, in the new cardigan:


Another not-flattering-but-who-cares photo of me and the magical, gorgeous cardigan:


And the detailing on the sleeves:


When I do my next one (and there will be a next one, though probably not until the fall), I’ll add a few inches to the length of it (I’m pretty long and lanky), and I think I’ll either do it all in a single colour to let the lovely patterning on the sleeves really stand out, OR I’ll do the sleeves in the double crochet of the rest of the piece in the varied colours (perhaps using some of the rich shade variation of Paintbox...? Because I’m definitely looking for an excuse to try out some of that gorgeous yarn). I feel a bit like the beautiful colours plus the detailed stitching sort of cancel each other out. I’m not unhappy with it, but it feels like it might be more interesting with one or the other rather than both. Is that just me?  Probably. Maybe I’ll do one of each, because I wouldn’t be even a little sad to have three of these gorgeous cardigans.

Has anyone else tried this pattern? What did you think?

Be happy, healthy, and safe!


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