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How to Half Double Crochet (How to Crochet part 7)

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Hello everyone!  Welcome to Part 7 of my How to Crochet Series. Today we’ll be learning the Half Double Crochet stitch.

If you’re new here and would like to check out my earlier tutorials, please click “How to Crochet” under the Category menu, which you can find either alongside (if you’re on computer) or underneath (if you’re on mobile) this post.

Last lesson, I had said that the triple crochet was basically double crochet with an extra step thrown in; this time our stitch is basically a double crochet stitch with a step taken out. And who doesn’t like one less thing to do?

You’ll be chaining 2 to begin each row, to build up the height for that row. An hdc is slightly taller than a single crochet stitch, and slightly shorter than a double crochet stitch.

Our first step will be to wrap the yarn over the hook, as in double crochet:


and to insert the hook either in the third chain from the hook (if you’re starting the foundation row or a new row) or in the next stitch down the line (in all other cases) and yarn over again:


Pull through. You should have three loops on your hook.


Up to this point, everything has been identical to double crochet.

Now, yarn over again, and (unlike dc) PULL THROUGH ALL THREE STITCHES ON THE HOOK.

And that’s it!  You’re finished, with one loop on the hook to begin your new stitch, and a completed hdc below you!  Well done!


And you know what? That was all the hard stuff, over these past seven lessons. We still have to cover slip stitch (which is basically a single crochet, minus a step) and magic ring (basically a slip knot, with the “slip” part on the shorter end of the yarn that isn’t attached to the skein), which will cover next week, but you now have all the basics!

If you’ve made it this far, you should pat yourself on the back for a job VERY well done! From here on out, it’s just taking these stitches and putting them together slightly differently, perhaps inserting the hook in a different stitch or leaving the stitch open for an extra step or two. But you’ve done it, you can crochet pretty much anything!

I hope I’ll see you all back here for slip stitches and magic rings next week.

Be happy, healthy, and safe!


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