Pattern of the week

Pattern of the week: cute applique hearts!

Despite my general Valentine’s grinchery, it occurred to me that a couple of days before Valentine’s, quick little heart-appliques might be a much-needed (or at least much-appreciated) pattern, and so, here are two!

I worked through about a dozen heart patterns with my basket of scrap yarn, with the full intention of picking my favourite for this week, but I couldn’t decide between my top two, so I’m featuring them both!


The tiny heart on the left is the Tiny Crochet Heart free pattern from Jenny and Teddy, and it’s super easy and super cute. The designer made hers as a part of a garland, though it would be equally at home as an applique on a craft or hat or purse, a cute random free-floating heart in a card, or as a yarn “button” if done with a thick and sturdy enough yarn and small enough hook.

The slightly larger heart on the right is Olives-n-Okra‘s Crochet Simple Hearts pattern; also super easy, also super cute. The designer for this one suggests a mobile (which would be adorable!) or  an applique (with the excellent point that it would be super cute on a mug cozy! Check out her pattern for that here).

I can’t pick a favourite between the two, they’re both easy and cute and incredibly loveable. I hope you, or your valentine, have as much fun with these adorable little patterns as I did!

Be happy, healthy, and safe!


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