Maddy Recommends: The Crochet Circle Podcast

I’m still sort of working my way through various podcasts and youtube channels and such, and this podcast (which I only discovered a few days ago and somehow I’m already about halfway through the archives) is on both, and it’s really, really good: The Crochet Circle Podcast.

The podcast host is a charming woman named Fay, who much like myself has come into crochet relatively recently but extremely enthusiastically, and wants to grow and nurture the community. She’s sweet and clever and has a lovely sense of humour, and her show is filled with great insights and tricks and good humour. If feels a little bit like your new best friend is telling you all about a new discovery they’ve made. It’s pretty awesome. If you like sweet, funny, clever ladies, it’s definitely a podcast for you.

Are you enjoying any new podcasts these days? Let me know in the comments!

And also, Walterpup thinks he’s getting popcorn:


Okay, he might have gotten a little 🙂

Be happy, healthy, and safe!


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