Pattern of the week

Pattern of the week: a blooming rose

I have to admit, I’m not a tremendous fan of Valentine’s day, though I realize I’m in the minority there. What I AM a tremendous fan of, however, is flowers!  I love flowers: big ones, little ones, brightly coloured ones, pale translucent ones; flowers that climb and flowers that float gently on a pond, flowers that poison, flowers that heal. Flowers are pretty great.

So I thought I’d marry the two (so to speak), and highlight a pattern for a visually simple, easy-to-make blooming rose. If you need a quick-to-crochet gift for your valentine, that’s perfect. If you just think flowers are pretty and want a rose, that’s also perfect.

I love it when we can all get along, don’t you?

This particular pattern is from the wonderful blog Be A Crafter, and is simply called Crochet Blooming Rose. I worked one up last night in very little time using scrap yarn from other projects (hence the two colours on the flower), and I came up with this:


I used a J/6mm hook (Canadian Amazon affiliate link for the same set I have here – an affiliate link simply means that if you choose to buy this product on via the link, I’ll get a modest commission on the sale with no additional cost to you) and medium/4 yarn, and I like the soft loose look of the rose. If you check out the original tutorial, you’ll notice that her rose is much sturdier than mine, and that’s because we used the same weight of yarn but different sized hooks… if you’re intending your rose to be used on a hat/bag/anything else that isn’t horizontal and needs to move occasionally, I’d suggest a 5mm hook as the designer used; if you want something that’s sort of soft and loose and meant to sit in a bowl or on a desk (where mine is currently living), a larger hook will give you the effect you’re looking for.

I’m really pleased with this pattern. This is the first of many roses, I suspect, and I found the pattern to be clear and easy to follow. There were a couple of times that I looked at the pattern and said, “wait, you want me to what now?” but I trusted the pattern and followed it exactly, and it turned out perfectly.

Let this be a lesson to us all: always trust the pattern.

Do you have a favourite flower pattern? Let me know in the comments!

Be happy, healthy, and safe 🙂


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