My vision and supporting this blog

As I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog, a large part of my “vision” (excuse the pretension in my use of that word) for Maddy Crochets is to make crochet accessible to everyone. There are a lot of things in the world that require substantial resources to begin, and crochet is really not one of those things.

There’s a baseline, of course. To access these written tutorials (and those that will eventually be videos on youTube), you need to have access to the internet and the leisure to spend time on the internet doing them, and I can see the latter being more difficult than the former for some. It’s hard (though not literally impossible) to crochet without a hook. You need yarn. Life is better with a tapestry needle to weave in ends (though I’ve literally used a twisted up twist tie when I couldn’t find one), and scissors or a knife or something to cut the yarn. And you need a certain level of physical health to do it, and I’m not saying that in the spirit of a joke. You need the health and ability to manipulate the hook and yarn to complete the stitches, and that will of necessity be a barrier to some.

But beyond those things, it’s something that most people can do. If you can get online and access these lessons, you can do it. You don’t need other people. You don’t need riches. If you have the internet at home, you don’t even need to leave your home.

It’s productive. You can make clothing. You can make housewares. You can make gifts and cute little toys and things to wash the dishes or your face before bed. Even if you can’t leave your house, even if you can’t bring yourself to be around other people, or if you’re an intensely outgoing person who loves groups and noise and being out in the world and has none of the issues I’ve mentioned, it doesn’t matter: you can make things. You can produce things. You can do this, all yourself.

Making things is important to me. It’s how I demonstrate my love to my family and friends. It’s how I fill my hours. It’s how I make myself smile. I’ve always loved making things, and writing, and it’s how I spend my time in the world, and crafting in general has enriched my life immensely. It makes me sad that people don’t know that they can do these things too.

Of course, if crochet isn’t your thing, that’s great. It’s not literally for everyone, and that’s fine. I just don’t like the idea that anyone out there might not have a chance to learn because it seems too hard or too expensive or can’t get out to take classes, etc.

And so, here we are. “We” are me, of course, my friend/social media guru Joe (hi Joe!) who is helping me spread the word so anyone who might benefit has a chance to know this is here, and my husband who gets roped into taking photos and eventually videos. And taking me for more yarn. Lots more yarn.

My original idea for this is that I could support this effort through advertising. Yarn and webspace and super social media dudes aren’t free, of course. The internet is full of plug-ins to help with that, and having a couple of ads alongside the posts is still getting the content out for free, at least in the sense that the “consumer” (that’s you) isn’t shelling out of pocket.

But. You know how I end my posts with a wish that you’re all happy, healthy, and safe? Well, that’s entirely sincere. That’s what I want for everybody, my loved ones and my neighbors and everyone reading this and all the people who never will and might even think crochet sucks. You know those ads (the content of which I don’t get a say in) that I wanted to use to support this? Some were fine, of course, but some of them are in my opinion directly contrary to happiness, health, and safety. Get-rich-quick-at-the-casino ads, miracle weight loss supplements, the secret that Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about, how to be faster, younger-looking, and a person of style and no substance. It felt very predatory and awful and made me deeply uncomfortable. I don’t want anyone to come here to learn to make a dishcloth and to leave feeling like need an unhealthy diet, to pay money to learn to get rich, or to fork over money you probably don’t have for a “miracle cure” or any of the rest of it. You probably know the ones I mean, and I hope you never feel that you need to take dangerous steps to be thinner, younger, or any of the other hopes and fears that those type of ads (in my opinion) predate on.

And so, back to the drawing board. My newest brilliant idea? Patreon.

Patreon is a recurring payment system set up to support your favourite “content creators” directly. I have mine set up for monthly donations of $1 – $25/month to support my work for those who can afford it. Most creators have levels with rewards, but I don’t. My content is free to access. It will always, as long as I’m able to keep producing it, be free. That’s very important to me. I don’t have a problem with a rewards system, but it’s contrary to my plans for Maddy Crochets. So, if you can spare $1, $2, $5, $10, or $25 (which are the preset levels I’ve chosen) a month to support this, you won’t get anything you wouldn’t get anyway. It’s all out of the goodness of your heart.  But you’ll be allowing me to continue my efforts without questionable advertising or scaling back the quantity or quality of my posts.

And that would be pretty great of you.

If you can afford it, please support me on Patreon (even the $1/month level is tremendously helpful) here: https://www.patreon.com/maddycrochets

Thank you all, and sincerely: be happy, healthy, and safe.


Ps – it’s Friday!  To celebrate, here’s Pupperton Rex on his first day in our home. You really didn’t think you were going to get through the week without another Walter picture, did you?


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