What I'm working on

What I’m working on this week: amazing socks for my favourite lady


How do you show your favourite people that you love them?  I’ve read that there are a lot of “styles” for how you demonstrate love: speech, gifts, public displays… well, I think I do a little of all those things, actually. I’m a super affectionate person. But the chief way I demonstrate my love is by making things. Those who have my heart also have a significant stash of handmade soaps and crafts and various crocheted things, all presented by me with big in-love anime eyes that might well up in tears at any moment if you don’t love what I’ve given you.

Okay, that very last bit is a bit of a stretch. I’m a bit more like a cat who keeps leaving dead mice and birds on your doorstep, but I digress.

But, Human, I tried…!

This leads me to my latest gift for my favourite non-nuclear-family person in the world: super cute, super comfy rainbow slipper socks!  This is another of my go-to patterns (mostly for myself, because I have perpetually cold feet. And cold feet are not my favourite thing), but I’m doing these ones up in super comfy caron chunky yarn as the original pattern suggests and I’m actually doing the whole pattern rather than just the foot-and-ankle part. And so far, they’re pretty awesome.

What are you working on this week? Share in the comments!

Be happy, healthy, and safe friends!




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