Survey:what sort of patterns are you looking for?

My friends, I am awfully, terribly, no-goodly sick today, with all the loss of mental acuity that comes with being awfully, terribly, no-goodly sick.


And so, in lieu of our usual “Maddy Recommends” Thursday post, I offer instead a survey.  Like virtually everyone who crochets, I’m in the process of developing some patterns of my own, and I’m curious what sort of patterns you want to see? The patterns will be free of charge (as is all my content), though I’ll probably eventually create an option for an ad-free pdf for a couple of dollars if you want to support Maddy Crochets.

I was originally going to put up a facebook poll and link to it, but I can’t figure out how to create one with more than two options, so instead please reply in comments either on the FB page or here on the blog? Specific items of clothing, winter accessories, house stuff, amigurumi? Taco cozies?  If it can be crocheted, I’m happy to work on a pattern, just let me know what your heart desires 🙂

Also, here is my dog in a hand-crocheted Santa hat:


Be happy, healthy and safe!


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