How to Crochet

Foundation Row and Single Crochet (How to Crochet pt 2)

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Welcome to How to Crochet part 2!  Today we’re going to learn single crochet, along with the foundation row (which is more-or-less also single crochet, but working with a base of chain rather than the crocheted row you’ve just completed). If this is the first tutorial you’re seeing, please first see part 1 – slipknot and chaining.


When we left off, you’d completed your first slip knot and chained some length of yarn (those doing the SC dishcloth project – chain 25 + 1, for a total of 26 chain loops). At this point, turn your crochet, like so:


When you turn your crochet, you can turn it to that you see a flat side that looks a bit like a loose braid:


and a side that looks tightly woven:


You want the flat side to be facing you as you work.


Skipping the first chain, you want to insert your hook under the top strand of the second chain. I’ve drawn you a terribly helpful (?) diagram that I hope will help make it clear exactly where I mean:



While I’ve drawn two strands for the sake of simplicity, there are in fact three strands of yarn in each chain/loop. When you insert the hook, you want to wind up with one strand on top of the hook, and two strands below it. Wrap the fresh length of yarn over the top of the hook:


Pull through:


Now that you have those two loops on your hook, wrap a fresh length of yarn over the top of the hook again:


And pull through:


Congratulations!  You’ve completed the first stitch of your foundation row!

Repeat the process in the next chain beside your hook: insert hook, yarn over the top of the hook, pull through. Yarn over the top of your hook again, pull through. That’s stitch #2. Continue doing this in each chain of your yarn until you’ve reached the end of the chain.

You’ve just finished your foundation row!


The next bit is nearly identical to the first part. To finish your row, chain 1 (to build up the height on the next row):


And turn your crochet around as before. This time, you’ll be faced with a stitch below you with two threads up top, an obvious hole, and a knot below. Insert your hook in the obvious hole, so the two threads up top are on top of the hook, and the knot is below:


And then, as in the foundation row, wrap the yarn over top the hook and pull through. Wrap the yarn over top the hook again, and pull through those two loops on the shaft of your hook. Stitch #1 on the new row is complete!

Repeat the process: insert hook in obvious hole, yarn over and pull through, yarn over and pull through again. Stitch #2 is done! Continue until you run out of stitches to crochet into in the row below. Chain 1 and turn.

Congratulations on having learned the single crochet stitch (called SC in patterns, more on that in coming weeks)!  If you’re making the dishcloth along with me, you’ll want 24 rows complete, including the foundation row, or until it looks like a square before next lesson.

Next week: finishing and weaving in ends!

As ever, if anything in the tutorial didn’t make sense to you, or you find yourself stuck, comment or send me an email. I’ll be genuinely happy to help out, and I’ll appreciate the feedback!

Be happy, healthy, and safe!


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