Plans and Plans and Plans

Happy Friday!

This thing right here I’m working on is making me especially happy this particular Friday, but more on that next week!


So soft. So brown and blue and pretty. I can’t wait until it’s done!

Anyway, that’s a whole other post. Today I thought I’d talk about the publishing schedule, plans for this blog and Maddy Crochets in general and to ask any of you who have already found me at this early stage of bloggery what it is that interests you?

My plan at this point:

Monday is tutorial day (with an optional crochet-along project)!  For the month of January this will be the rudiments of crochet with the optional project being a single crochet dishcloth. After, we’ll work on more complicated stitches, magic rings, pattern-reading, etc. Some of these will eventually be links to tutorial videos, but we’re not there yet.

Tuesday is favorite pattern day. I’ll present a pattern I’m in love with, probably show off my variant if it’s something I still have (I make an awful lot of gifts), and tell you what it is about it that I find amazing. All of the patterns will be completely free (though many have optional ad-free pdfs that you can purchase if you choose) and not require you to sign up for anything to access them.

Wednesday is my day to show off whatever I’m working on at the moment. I’m vain like that. But I’m also always interested in what other crocheters are doing from week-to-week, and I imagine I’m not the only one.

Thursday is recommended reading/listening/watching day. Might be books, might be websites, might be podcasts or videos. I take suggestions, of course, and only present things that I think are amazing. The crocheting community is filled with fantastic, talented people, and I think we have a lot to learn from one another. This is my tiny contribution to spreading the good word where I can.

Fridays are wildcard day. You can look forward to reviews of various products, patterns that I created myself, quotes on crochet, and honestly some occasional blathering and photos of my dog or possibly my houseplants.  I’m tremendously fond of my dog and my houseplants.

And that’s the week!


This is my dog. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

A million reasons why. Or, like, three.

I founded (am founding) Maddy Crochets for a few reasons. One of which is that I feel like there’s an image of crochet (as well as knitting, sewing, embroidery, etc.) as being difficult and a sort of boring rich old lady thing. Now, to be fair I’ve been practicing being an old lady since I was 15, I think (which isn’t recently. at all.), but it’s not difficult and it’s certainly not a thing limited to old grannies in their rocking chairs. It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s an incredibly frugal hobby to have (or can be; you can spend as much or as little on materials as you want, really), and I find it very rewarding to make my own clothing and housewares. I’d like to celebrate all of those things, and make it accessible to anyone who’s interested.

Another reason I’m doing this is because there are a large number of tutorials out there with great information, and that make a lot of sense once you know how, but I think sometimes people who already know how to crochet forget what parts are confusing for beginners. I want to create tutorials that are crystal clear, possibly to the point of absurdity, down to the exact part of the knot that the crochet hook is meant to go through and how to pull it through and what happens after that. I want it to be a fun, clear, non-frustrating experience for the new crocheter.

And, honestly, I’m doing this because I really love crochet. I love the crocheting itself, I love the finished product, I love all the different stitches and textures of yarn and playing with colours. Crochet is amazing, and this gives me an excuse to talk/write about it.

And now, it’s your turn.

What is it you’d like to see?  Are you interested in online classes? Private one-on-one sessions? Crocheting marathons or coffee-and-crochet circles (virtual or out in the world)? E-books? More photos of my dog?  Let me know how I can help to make crocheting a fantastic and rewarding experience.

Hope you all have a good weekend!

Be happy, healthy, safe, and take good care of yourselves,


2 thoughts on “Plans and Plans and Plans”

  1. Hi Maddy. I would love to be able to to crochet. I would have to know what I need to get started. I come from a crocheting family. I’m the one that never learned anymore then making a rope thingy.☺Instruction on here may ne good for starters. Y the way I love the colours of your project you are working on. Nye for now Sheila


    1. Hi Sheila!

      Welcome! I’m really excited to have someone about who wants to learn!

      All you’ll need to start is a crochet hook (I’d recommend a 5 mm, which can be gotten incredibly cheaply from dollar tree or the dollar section of no frills, if you’re wanting to be sure crochet is for you before investing too much money into it) and any old yarn! Last Monday’s tutorial was slipknot and chain, and this Monday’s will be foundation row and single crochet, which should be all you need to get a good start.

      Although making a rope thingy is already a good start! Never underestimate the importance of the basics 🙂

      Please let me know if anything is unclear, if you’re stuck or unsure what to do next, or if it’s coming out funny? I’d be happy to trouble shoot with you (and update my tutorials accordingly), or to meet with you over tea and demonstrate in person. We can work through any hurdles you might come across on your journey to learning this fantastic hobby 🙂

      Thank you so much for your comment (and compliment on the colours! I adore rich earth tones, they’re so comforting!), and I hope you’ll stick with me!

      Have a beautiful, warm weekend!


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