Recommended listening – BHooked

If I’m being honest, it genuinely hadn’t occurred to me until very recently that crochet podcasts might exist. Now, my day-job (ie, that thing I do between bouts of crocheting) is for a podcaster, I’m married to an occasional podcaster (not the same one), and I listen to podcasts constantly and have for a number of years now. So why hadn’t this occurred to me?

Dunno. But I’m glad it did!

I think BHooked was the first I’d listened to of the half-dozen or so that I found, and I love it!  The host is warm, knowledgeable, and clearly has done her research. She covers many different types of crochet (and I’ll confess, I’d genuinely never heard of some of them), different projects, and interviews a variety of guests on her show. It’s great work, and I’m already a die-hard fan.

If you’re wanting to give it a listen, her website can be found here:

Do you have a favourite crochet podcast? Please share in the comments!

Stay warm, be safe, and take good care today,


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