Pattern of the week

Pattern of the Week: the Bobble Stripe Dishcloth

My first featured pattern of the week is the Bobble Stripe Dishcloth by Erica at 5 Little Monsters. This is one of my favourite dishcloths both to make and to use; the bobbles provide a good scrubby surface and a nice density to the cloth (especially useful if you’re like me, and occasionally use dishcloths in place of potholders!), and the striping adds a level of visual complexity to it that I quite like.

In terms of working it up, the bobbles are fun and easy to make, and the hdc stripes are a nice respite from what would otherwise be an endless sea of bobbles. I found Erica’s instructions to be very clear and easy to follow. This was my first time using the bobble stitch, and I’m in love!  Worked up much more quickly than I thought it would!

Here is the link to this free pattern, if you’d like to try your hand at it:

The Bobble Stripe Dishcloth by 5 Little Monsters

Below is a dishcloth I made from the pattern, done in Bernat Handicrafter cotton (I believe in French Blue). I like to think the designer of this pattern would be proud!



Stay warm, be safe, and take good care!

Much love,


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