Welcome and Happy New Year!

I’m still in the process of setting all this up, but I wanted to take a moment and welcome future readers to my blog (welcome, people of the future!) and to wish anyone who trips across this a happy new year! This will soon be a place full of tutorials, links to free patterns and resources (eventually some of them will even be my own), and posts of some variety six days a week. For the next few days, however, this will mostly be me figuring out things like making YouTube videos and uploading YouTube videos, and probably more things involving YouTube videos I haven’t thought of yet, and for that matter uploading photos from my phone to this blog. I’m much better with yarn than I am with tech, I’m afraid. Nevertheless, I have faith; where there is a crochet obsession, there is a way! Hopefully we’ll be up and moving early next week.

In the meantime, happy New Year, take good care out there, and please stay tuned for actual content soon!

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